December 22, 2010


Posted in verb at 11:01 pm by Feng

gelivable – being cool and impressive, and “ungelivable” means the opposite  [yahoo]

This is a newly invented Chinglish word, but is getting increasingly popular across Internet in China. This word is derived from “geili”, which is used in the dialect in the northern part of China and literally means to “give power”. Some “smart” person invented the “gelivable” adjective that combines the Chinese native “geili” and also the English “-able” suffix in a strange way. Suddenly, the word appears everywhere on Chinese websites.

I don’t think native English speakers can understand this. Even for me, it took me a while to figure out what’s going on. Whoever came up with this word has reasons to brag about his/her mastering Chinese and English. But, to me, the word looks rather silly – or maybe, that’s exactly why it becomes the vogue.



  1. Lan Dawei said,

    给力 + able?
    Interesting melding of two languages. I am not so certain I would call it silly. Languages are fluid and East meets West on this one.

    Thanks for posting this. It give me an insight into how Chinese are viewing English and the internet.

  2. Isle said,

    Luckily, most Chinese internet user don’t speak English; otherwise, you and your blog would be doomed.

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