January 8, 2013

reek of

Posted in Idioms at 12:42 am by Feng

reek of  – to have the stench or smell of something [thefreedict]

On Big Bang Theory, Leonard, Sheldon, Raj and Howard returned home from a scientific excursion to the South Pole. Leonard went to the next door say hi to Penny. Raj and Howard started to confess to Sheldon that they tampered with data to make Sheldon believe that the experiment was successful so he could stop. Sheldon went angry: “You tampered with my experiment!” He asked: “Did Leonard know about this? He is my best friend. Surely he didn’t.” “Actually it was his idea”, replied Howard. “Of course it was”, Sheldon shouted, “The whole plan reeks of Leonard.” Note that the idiom “reek of” usually expresses a negative feeling; be careful to only use it in the correct context.


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