January 17, 2013

cat burglar

Posted in Idioms at 12:58 am by Feng

cat burglar – A burglar who is especially skilled at stealthy or undetected entry of a premises [thefreedict]

In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, Raj and Howard found that Shelton always disappeared at 2:45 pm, so they decided to find out where did Shelton go. They secretly followed Shelton to a quiet corner and saw he locked himself in a room. Later at night, Raj and Howard came back with lock-picking tools; they were curious to know what was in the room. Raj was excited about this secretive operation. “Look at us,” he said to Howard, “Sneaking around in the middle of the night, like a couple of cat burglars.” But Howard disagreed: “I think we are more like Ninjas.”


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