January 23, 2013

third wheel

Posted in Idioms at 1:19 am by Feng

third wheel – someone who is in a situation where they are not really needed or are ignored by other people [thefreedict]

When you are hanging out with two other people who are a couple, you may sometimes feel awkward and extra. In Chinese, we usually use the phrase “a light bulb” to refer to the third person, implying that he/she does nothing but to serve to shine the other two. An equivalent English expression is “a third wheel”. On The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon invited Raj to come along for a date he had with Amy. Halfway through the dinner, Raj left. He later said to Leonard: “I didn’t want to be a third wheel.” If you image a bicycle, you can see that having a third wheel will probably do more messing up than any good.


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