February 22, 2013

hat tip

Posted in Idioms at 12:04 am by Feng

hat tip – used as an acknowledgement that someone has brought a piece of information to the writer’s attention, or provided the inspiration for a piece of writing [oxforddict], also see [urbandict]

On the Big Band Theory, Shelton decided to play revenge to Kripke, a colleague of his who had humiliated Shelton publicly over a radio show. He discreetly put a large amount of chemicals above the tiles of the ceiling in Kripke’s lab and also installed web cameras to capture how the prank would work. He then invited Raj and Leonard to watch the webcam at home.

“Here comes Kripke,” Raj pointed at the webcam with excitement. However, he also found that Kripke was accompanied by the president of the university and the research directors in a guided tour. However, it was too late to stop the prank. The university president and directors, together with Kripke, were humiliated by encountering a sudden downpour of chemical foams dropping from the ceiling. Leonard was shocked and scared. He however tried to comfort Shelton: “At least they don’t know it’s you”. However, the prank didn’t finish yet. After the downpour of chemicals, there sounded a pre-recording of Shelton’s voice as if he were speaking to Kripke: “What you have seen is a classic prank from the malevalent mind of Shelton Cooper.” The voice continued: “Also a hat tip to Raj and Leonard for their encouragement and support in this enterprise.” Raj and Leonard were embarrassed but found no where to hide.


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